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Third Movies Review
Enter Third Movies "Two studios, one membership!"
» Exclusive Content

From the very popular porn studio 3rd Degree comes, a DVD download site that offers over 125 titles for download by scene. With high quality, crystal clear and full screen capable video and exclusive photos, the site has a lot to offer!
» Launched On: 2007.04.01
» Reviewed On: 2007.06.14
» Updated On: 2008.05.31
» Filed Under:
DVD | Movies | Hardcore Sex
Enter Third Movies
» Site Facts:
Price Options:
- $29.95 / 30 day(s) recurring
- $59.95 / 90 day(s)
- Picture Sets: 406+
- Average Pics / Set: 120
- Zipped Sets: Yes
- High-Rez Pics: No
- Video Scenes: 127+
- Average Scene Length: 75 min(s)
- Full Length Videos: Yes
- DRM Protection: No
- Streaming Support: Yes
Video Formats:
- WMV (480x360 - 1600k)
- WMV (720x540 - 3100k)
- DivX (576x432 - 2300k)
» Pros: » Cons:
- These titles not available on other DVD download sites
- Seems to update weekly
- Overall excellent quality
- Two bonus sites
- Smaller than other DVD download sites
- No specific update info
- Faster updates would be better
» Review by Becky:
More and more people are turning to the net for their DVD porn these days, and it seems like these DVD download sites are springing up over night. The majority of DVD download sites I have reviewed have offered collections that are very diverse and come from dozens of different studios, but is a little different. Whether the difference is good or bad depends on whether you have a strong preference for the studio which offers their videos at the site, 3rd Degree. The studio Zero Tolerance has a website,, which is offered as a bonus when you join, so you actually get titles from both studios with membership. Both are well known studios that continue to produce some of the most popular releases. Of course with just one studio offering titles at Third Movies, the collection is considerably smaller than almost every other similar site I've seen. On the up side, a large, exclusive photo section is offered as well, which is something I haven't seen on similar sites.

The downloadable versions of these flicks are very high quality and look just as good as DVDs in full screen...

There are over 127 DVD titles and over 406 photo sets at Third Movies currently, and updates are coming, but there doesn't really seem to be a schedule. Many times, new titles are added weekly, but there are gaps as well and it doesn't always run like clockwork. The quantity and update schedule are really the only two areas where this site falls behind the big boys of the category, but those are both pretty significant issues.

Like almost all of the similar sites I have seen, thirdmovies offers several different navigation and sorting options to help you find what you want. You can view the most downloaded DVDs or scenes, browse by series or genre, or search by porn star name. You can even choose a star, and then narrow the results by genre, so you can find, for example, all of the Penny Flame scenes, and then find only lesbian or only POV scenes staring Penny.

Once you've found something you like, downloading is simple. WMV and DivX formats are provided for download, and Flash format is offered for streaming, which makes buffering very fast so skipping around within the scene is simple. The downloadable versions of these flicks are very high quality and look just as good as DVDs in full screen as long as you go for the DivX or the highest quality WMV offered. All of the DVDs are split into scenes and the scenes are downloaded all together with no split file options.

...a large, exclusive photo section is offered as well, which is something I haven't seen on similar sites.

The photo sets average about 120 photos each and good quality and professionally shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find that ZIP files are offered for each set. If you enjoy photos as much or more than videos, then the photo collection here is really what sets the site apart from the crowd of other similar services being offered.

The inclusion of as a bonus with Third Movies raises the value significantly, but the quantity still just doesn't even come close to stacking up against other DVD download sites, even though they still blow most other types of sites away. The titles offered for these two sites don't seem to be offered on other sites, however, so if these are the studios you prefer, then it really doesn't matter that they have a smaller collection. The price is about $29 for 30 days.
» Updates:
Last Update On 2008.05.31 by Becky:

At, they've added updates approximately once per week with around 40 new DVDs and 36 new galleries available as well as a new bonus site,

Including both bonus sites and itself, that brings the total number of DVDs available with membership to over 760, and as far as I know, these titles aren't available in online format anywhere else. Overall this collection is more than worth checking out!
Enter Third Movies
Overall Score
89.5 /100
Quantity: 9.0/15
Quality: 10.0/10
Entertain: 13.0/15
Updates: 7.0/10
Exclusivity: 5.0/5
Download: 5.0/5
Sub-Total: 49.0/60
Ease: 8.0/10
Features: 5.0/5
Design: 4.0/5
Sub-Total: 17.0/20
Value 18.5/20
Adjustment: 5.0/5
Rating Criteria
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