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Home Made Vids Review
Enter Home Made Vids "Real people in real porn"
» Exclusive Content

Tired of fake, phoney sites that claim to be amateur but have big name porn stars in all their videos? Then you need where the action is all amateur, all the time. Real life people have submitted thousands of hardcore fucking videos!
» Reviewed On: 2007.11.26 » Filed Under:
Voyeur | Movies | Amateur
Enter Home Made Vids
» Site Facts:
Price Options:
- $29.95 / 30 day(s) recurring
- $44.95 / 60 day(s)
- $56.95 / 90 day(s)
This is a video or cam site
- Video Scenes: 1222+
- Average Scene Length: 3 min(s)
- Full Length Videos: No
- DRM Protection: No
- Streaming Support: No
Video Formats:
- WMV (320x240 - var.k)
- MPEG (352x240 - 1100k)
- AVI (320x240 - 200k)
» Review by Becky:
Lots of websites claim to feature only amateur performers, but when every babe on the site is one that I've seen elsewhere, the claim is a little hard to swallow. If you truly want amateur, home made porn, however, there is a solution, and its name is This exclusive hardcore site features member submitted videos and offers monthly prizes for the best submissions. All of the videos on the site are obviously amateur and feature real life couples getting it on and sexy babes stripping and playing for the camera.

Because of the nature of the videos, there's really no consistent quality here. The lighting in many of the videos is very poor, and sometimes the shots are blurry or grainy. All of that basically comes with the territory, however, and if you're looking for crystal clear, high-def videos, you're at the wrong place. There really is no standard for the videos except that they are all full length rather than split files, and all are download-only with no streaming.

WMV seems to be the most predominant format, but MPEG is found also. The videos are put into four categories, cams, homemade, exhibitionism and voyeur, with the home made category holding the bulk of the over 1220 videos currently on the site. Many of the submissions feature the same members, so if you find someone you like, there is probably more of them to be found, but there is no way to search for a particular person's submissions, unfortunately. Aside from the four categories I mentioned, there's no further way to narrow down the collection or find certain types of videos which makes navigating the site a challenge.

Despite the sometimes poor quality of the videos, I really enjoyed this site. More than any other site I've reviewed, this one really feels like you're watching real people have real sex rather than "porn" style sex, so if that's what you're after it's hard to imagine someone pulling it off better than these guys did. Aside from the issues that I mentioned, the only other major problem is that there doesn't seem to be an update schedule, and the latest videos were already two months old. It's a shame because they had a neat thing going. Even still, with such a large archived collection, the site is still more than worth a look for around $29 for 30 days.
Enter Home Made Vids
Overall Score
73.0 /100
Quantity: 11.0/15
Quality: 7.0/10
Entertain: 12.0/15
Updates: 3.0/10
Exclusivity: 5.0/5
Download: 3.0/5
Sub-Total: 41.0/60
Ease: 6.0/10
Features: 3.0/5
Design: 3.0/5
Sub-Total: 12.0/20
Value 15.0/20
Adjustment: 5.0/5
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