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Beautiful Agony Review
Enter Beautiful Agony "Faces of orgasm"
» Exclusive Content

In a sea of fake people having fake sex that ends with a fake orgasm, stands alone. They have amateurs filmed from the shoulders up getting themselves off for the camera. This is 100% real orgasm footage here and you will love it.
» Reviewed On: 2007.06.29 » Filed Under:
Reality | Movies | Amateur
Enter Beautiful Agony
» Site Facts:
Price Options:
- $14.95 / 30 day(s) recurring
- $29.95 / 90 day(s) recurring
This is a video or cam site
- Video Scenes: 750+
- Average Scene Length: 5 min(s)
- Full Length Videos: Yes
- DRM Protection: No
- Streaming Support: No
Video Formats:
- WMV (400x300 - 500k)
- MPEG (320x240 - 400k)
- MOV (352x288 - 400k)
» Fact Notes:
Other price option:
- $495.00 / Lifetime
» Review by Boris: is a rather unique and amazing little website. There is no nudity first off. There is also no hardcore sex, no anal, no oral, no sex at all except masturbating. All you get to see though is their faces. You just watch them while they cum their brains out. They've got men and women of all sizes, shapes, races, and ages on beautiful agony for you to watch and marvel at the subtlety of orgasm.

Every one looks a little bit different when they cum their brains out and you will get to see about 770 or so examples of it on beautifulagony. Each video is about five to seven minutes long on the average and even though they start off slow, they all come to a rather impressive climax. Everyone here is 100% amateur and you will not see any porn stars here, just regular folks like you and I, even though some of these chicks are just as hot as any porn star you'll see out there. doesn't have any pictures because frankly I imagine they wouldn't be terribly entertaining to look at, seeing as how the content it so subtle in a lot of cases. Don't get me wrong, some of these people literally blow up when they cum, but a lot of them are more low key about the whole affair. You can sort the content into quite a few categories including all men and all women that way you don't have to sift through content that is of no interest to you. You can choose how you download these videos when you sign up. You can either do MOV, WMV, or MPEG files. All of them are decent quality, but the WMVs are a little bit better than the others. is a great, if not somewhat specialized site. A lot of regular porn viewers won't really dig it, but for those of us who want to see a real person have a real orgasm, it is absolutely the best out there. They know that without nudity, a lot of people will be put off, so they have drastically lowered the price. They only charge about $14 for 30 days access, which is about half what you'll pay for the average porn site. They also have something I've never seen before, a lifetime membership for about $495.
Enter Beautiful Agony
Overall Score
88.5 /100
Quantity: 10.0/15
Quality: 6.0/10
Entertain: 12.5/15
Updates: 10.0/10
Exclusivity: 5.0/5
Download: 5.0/5
Sub-Total: 48.5/60
Ease: 8.0/10
Features: 5.0/5
Design: 4.0/5
Sub-Total: 17.0/20
Value 18.0/20
Adjustment: 5.0/5
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