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Arab Sex City Review
Enter Arab Sex City "Arab hardcore"
» Exclusive Content

It's one of the rarest if not the most rare niche in porn, Arab sex. For various reasons, there just isn't a lot of smut featuring people of any Arab decent, but aims to change all of that. Read on for my opinion of this amateur Arab site.
» Reviewed On: 2008.01.17 » Filed Under:
Indian | European | Hardcore Sex
Enter Arab Sex City
» Site Facts:
Price Options:
- $24.95 / 30 day(s) recurring
- $59.95 / 90 day(s) recurring
- $99.00 / 180 day(s)
- Picture Sets: 8+
- Average Pics / Set: 400
- Zipped Sets: Yes
- High-Rez Pics: No
- Video Scenes: 1200+
- Average Scene Length: 3 min(s)
- Full Length Videos: No
- DRM Protection: No
- Streaming Support: Yes
Video Formats:
- WMV (320x240 - 500k)
» Review by Becky: is one of only a very small number of Arab themed sites I've ever seen. Unlike many sites I've seen where simply sticking a woman of any nationality into a bad "Arabic" Halloween costume somehow constitutes Arab porn, there actually do seem to be some real Middle Eastern women here. Unfortunately, there is just as much here that could feature women of almost any origin, it's just near impossible to tell due to various reasons. Let's take a closer look at this Arab sex site.

The members area at arabsexcity is divided into sections for videos and photos. The video category further breaks down into sub-categories including Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Arabian French, the Gulf and phone clips archive. The photos are separated into Arabian beauty, amateur, sex, lesbian, blowjobs, masturbation, group sex and recommended.

The video quality is pretty poor here at Arab Sex City. These clips seem to be taken from a variety of completely amateur sources, and while a few look OK, the majority are grainy, pixilated, dark and/or discolored. At times it can be difficult to even tell the gender of the people in the videos, much less whether or not they are Arab. Despite the claims of "feature length" videos on the tour, most of these are little more than clips lasting 30 seconds to a minute. There are some longer scenes that are broken up into pieces as well. Some of what I saw had no sex of any sort, for example one clip featured a teen walking around a pool in her bikini. Still others seemed to be American made shoots with Arabic music dubbed over them. The entire "phone clips" archive is rather annoying because there's no information at all about the videos before you click them. You literally have no idea what you're getting until it's streaming.

The photos at arabsexcity are arranged only by category and are not put into sets. When you go to the section for blowjobs, for example, you'll just get an ongoing thumbnail list of all the images. Some are single images, some are preceded and followed by related images, they just aren't offered in separate galleries as I'm used to seeing. Each of the eight categories has approximately 400 images. As with the videos, I think a large portion of these feature American amateurs of Latina decent, and at least one I am positive features porn star Sativa Rose. On many of the images, all you can see is an ass or some tits so it's impossible to tell the nationality of the model.

Overall, while arabsexcity does better than most so-called Arab sites by offering at least SOME content that appears to be authentically Arabic, in the end, I think most of these materials are dubious at best, and the quality is so bad at times that there is absolutely no entertainment value to the videos. Pixels just aren't sexy, unfortunately. I also have no idea when or even if the site actually updates. I think this is one to avoid, but if you'd like to check things out for yourself, a 30 day membership is around $24.
Enter Arab Sex City
Overall Score
61.5 /100
Quantity: 11.0/15
Quality: 4.5/10
Entertain: 10.0/15
Updates: 0.0/10
Exclusivity: 5.0/5
Download: 3.0/5
Sub-Total: 33.5/60
Ease: 6.0/10
Features: 3.0/5
Design: 2.0/5
Sub-Total: 11.0/20
Value 12.0/20
Adjustment: 5.0/5
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