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6. Sweet Models (78.0)
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8. Lesbo Mat (80.0)
9. Sandy's Fantasies (76.5)
10. House Of Taboo (87.3)

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PornBilly's Review Rating CriteriaPorn Reviews Rating Criteria

PornBilly 's rating criteria have been compiled by taking into consideration what an average porn user would usually look for in an xxx site. The following is a detailed break down of the different site rating criteria we use in our reviews.


Quantity /15

The quantity of content is one of the simplest forms of assessing a site. Here, what is determined is simply the amount of content that a site provides with a membership and is rated based on those findings. The main focus is the picture and video content combined (though some consideration is also given to the amount of content from bonus sites that are often provided with a membership).

In special cases where the galleries are extraordinarily small or video clips very short in length, we may group several of them together from that site in order to provide a more accurate assessment and rating of the quantity of the site content.
15 points: 10,000+ sets 9 points: 500-699 sets
14 points: 8000-9999 sets 8 points: 300-499 sets
13 points: 5000-7999 sets 7 points: 100-299 sets
12 points: 3000-4999 sets 6 points: 50-99 sets
11 points: 1000-2999 sets 5 points: 9-49 sets
10 points: 700-999 sets 4 points: 8 sets and less

Quality /10

This simply refers to the level of professionalism the content of a site exudes. Simply put, it is the level of clarity and sharpness of photos and videos as well as the resolution and brightness of the images that are rated here. The quality of sound in the video content is also assessed.

Other qualitative aspects considered are scene composition and scene settings insofar as they affect the quality of the content. In certain cases, where the quality of the content varies greatly between scenes, we will take both extremes into consideration and reflect this in an average rating based on the two.

10 points: 1800+kbps videos / very hi-res pictures (more then 2000×3000)
9 points: 1400-1799 kbps videos / hi-res pictures (1024×768)
8 points: 1000-1399k videos / hi-res pictures (800+)
7 points: 700-999k videos / average pictures (800×600)
6 points: 400-699k videos / average pictures (500×400)
5 points: 250-399k videos / average pictures (500×400)
4 points: 100-249k videos / low-res pictures
3 points: under 99k videos / very low-res pictures

Entertain /15

How much does the content of a site keep us interested and absorbed? In cases where the content is very repetitive, we are likely to bore of it quickly whereas when the scenes are different and consistently interesting, we are more likely to want to browse the content further. The latter would receive a higher rating than the former.

Other aspects of the entertainment value that are assessed are the featured models’ attractiveness and other content features aside from the standard picture and video content such as Blog sections, journal entries, etc.

The more variety a site provides, the more likely a site is to be entertaining and therefore would maintain a higher rating here. Needless to say, most of the entertainment criteria are naturally rather subjective, so we try to maintain as objective of a stance as possible by taking into consideration various individuals’ personal preferences aside from our own as well.

15 points: Remarkably interesting
11 points: Very interesting
7.5 points: Interesting
4 points: Fairly interesting
1 point: Not interesting

Updates /10

Some sites add fresh, new content more often than others. This is the main concern here. How often are members provided with new pictures and videos? The more frequent the updates; the better and therefore sites that update the most often will receive the most points here.

Some consideration is also given to whether or not the newly added content is actually new (not just old material they are rotating back in) as well as whether or not the site keeps its members informed as to what kind of updates to expect (i.e. a ‘coming soon" section).

10 points: Daily updates 5 points: Every 3 weeks
9 points: 4-6 times weekly 4 points: Once monthly
8 points: 1-3 times weekly 3 points: Every 2 months
7 points: Once weekly 2 points: An update 3-4 months ago
6 points: Every 2 weeks 1 point: Updated more than 4 months ago

Exclusive /5

Some sites provide content to members that can also be found on several other sites whereas other sites provide content that can only be found on their site. The content that can be found on one specific site only is what we refer to as exclusive content.

If the site is comprised of 100% exclusive content, it will be given full points in this criterion. The points will decrease as the amount of exclusive content on the site decreases.

5 points: Entirely exclusive
3 points: Partly exclusive
0 point: Not exclusive

Download /5

The main objective here is to assess how much of the content on the site can be downloaded. That is to say – are the picture sets downloadable as ZIP files and are the videos downloadable too? We also take into consideration the variety of ways in which the videos can be downloaded, if they can also be viewed streaming and if we are given the option as to what speed and size we prefer to have our downloads.

The more options a member is given for downloadable content, the higher the download rating will be. In cases where downloadable content can no longer be accessed after a membership expires (such as in the case of DRM protected content), the site will get a lower rating even if all their content is downloadable.

5 points: Video/picture downloadable
3 points: Video or picture downloadable
0 point: No downloadable content


Ease /10

How long does it take to find the content you are looking for on a site? If the site is well designed with navigation bars, search engines and a well-designed layout, it is most likely going to be easier to navigate than a site lacking in these features. Also, how is the content set up? If the galleries are well organized and represented by thumbnail pics, brief descriptions and the like, it will also make navigation easier.

The sites that are easy to browse will get the highest points here. Sites will also lose points if there are links that no longer function, if content is misrepresented, mislabeled or located in the wrong section of a site.

Features /5

Our main concern here is if the site offers special features such as search engines and various effective ways to browse the content. For example, some sites allow you to search by body type, ethnicity, breast size and so forth.

In some cases this can cause unnecessary confusion making browsing the site content more tedious and complicated than need be, so the higher ratings here will go to the sites where these added features compliment and make navigation easier rather than more difficult or confusing. These types of features are especially ideal for sites with a very large amount of content and therefore can be a huge asset if they function easily and properly.

Design /5

The design aspect basically has to do with the overall look of the site – layout, colors, graphics and so on. Understandably, a more professional site would usually have a better design than an amateur one. Regardless of the level of professionalism involved, the look of the site should still be creative, original, easy on the eyes and adequately representative of the site content.

If a site meets these objectives, it will receive a high rating. A lower score will be given to a site whose design (albeit possibly visually appealing) detracts from the basic functionality and navigational aspects for whatever reasons.


Value /20

Is the price suitable for the amount of content you are given access to and does the quality of that content justify the cost? All pricing options are taken into consideration since most sites offer trial membership fees as well as monthly and yearly fees.

Often times trial period prices do not allow access to all of the site content or all (if any) of the bonus sites. This is also an important factor that we consider. All in all, we gauge this rating on whether or not you would be getting a good deal for what a site charges for a membership.


Adjustment /5

In certain cases, all the aforementioned rating criteria does not allow for special aspects of the site to be rated since they may not fall into any of those categories. In order to include these in our site assessments, we’ve included an "other" rating criterion. If a site is overrun with ads or pop-ups for example, they will receive a lower rating here whereas a site with excellent costumer service and many valuable bonus features will rate higher. This score is for all the aspects of a site that do not fall under the other criteria. Finally, in some cases when the score from all the other categories doesn’t give an accurate representation of that site as a whole, these points can be used at the reviewer’s discretion to make some necessary adjustments.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the rating criteria, do not hesitate to contact us.

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